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I haven't written a critique before, so this might not be very good ^^; I'll try though, so yeah. First of all, it looks amazing! ^w^ The...

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Ashen One
Born from a dream,
in a land of undead.
As strange as it seems,
it's as my dream said.
I'll learn to hold dear
this lingering flame.
And with every shed tear,
the flames rise again.
My heart is made of ash,
an ember in my soul..
This heat spreads like a rash,
until I become whole.
This world is turning dark
after eras come and gone.
Our hope lies in the spark
of the chosen ashen one.
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Hestia :iconbluffkerfuffle:BluffKerfuffle 18 3 Lucao :iconbluffkerfuffle:BluffKerfuffle 15 11 Matoi Ryuko :iconbluffkerfuffle:BluffKerfuffle 26 10
Ame no Uzume
I can hear tomorrow,
singing with it's pretty voice.
There's time to mourn in sorrow,
but a feeling is a choice.
Tomorrow we will sing,
as a gift to those we lost.
So they can hear our voices ring,
until our throats exhaust.
We sing only to give,
we sing to soothe our hearts.
For that is where our loved ones live,
when their first life departs.
They will live on in song,
and that's why we rejoice.
Although the may be gone,
they live again in voice.
We'll celebrate and live in joy,
but never forget the ones we've lost.
Our song is not a ploy,
on our hearts it is embossed...
...that the remembered never die,
they live on in our hearts.
So we sing to the sky,
For the ones who's souls depart.
We sing on to tomorrow,
so they can see it too.
They can see the sun's dawn glow,
It's our songs that they live through.
:iconbluffkerfuffle:BluffKerfuffle 4 0
Idk :iconbluffkerfuffle:BluffKerfuffle 28 22 Lovestruck :iconbluffkerfuffle:BluffKerfuffle 28 12
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Blue like that heart
of yours I once knew.
Violets are blue,
Roses are red.
That heart I once knew
has always been dead.
All flowers die,
Orchids are white.
You're always so distant,
but always in sight.
Orchids are white,
All flowers die.
Even pure beauty
can be built on a lie.
You are my orchid,
So pure and white.
But orchids will die
and fade in the night.
:iconbluffkerfuffle:BluffKerfuffle 8 12
False accolades
Your scars are just attention,
the pain you always mention.
Your demons, you resent them:
they're always your contention.
So you can cry again,
I'll never know your name.
You're the only one to blame,
because pain isn't a game.
You always wanted more
for every gaze you saw.
The pain that you deplore,
for attention, you're a whore.
You cut and cry
every day and night.
You bring it up
every night and day.
You always lie
and share your pain.
You wear your cuts
like accolades.
:iconbluffkerfuffle:BluffKerfuffle 5 0
Flat things
You say it won't hurt
but all you do is lie.
I can't take your word
because last time I died.
The flat things hurt the most,
but you say they never cut.
You say you know the most,
so keep your mouth shut.
I was flying through the sky
until you let me go.
And as I fell I cried,
and you don't even know.
You pull my heart right out
and let my body fall.
I hate you but I doubt
you heard my dying call.
So now you tear me apart,
Drop me with my broken heart.
Even flat things are sharp
when you fall on them hard
:iconbluffkerfuffle:BluffKerfuffle 5 15
The game I play..
There's a time for sin,
there's a time to lie,
there's a place I've been
where evil resides.
I call it home.
you call it mine.
I've been alone
for quite some time.
But I will never move,
I'll stay and weep right here.
This game is mine to lose,
but my heart is mine to steer.
I'll never be pure
I'll never be whole.
Of this I'm wholly sure,
but I still have a soul.
My life is my choice,
I'll walk my own way.
I'll live and rejoice
or I'll throw it away.
I'm alone for a reason.
I weep because I should,
I'm just a lonely demon
hellbent on being good.
So I will never move,
I'll be alone right here.
Life is the game I lose,
but the game I hold so dear.
:iconbluffkerfuffle:BluffKerfuffle 5 2
Codevirus collab :iconbluffkerfuffle:BluffKerfuffle 20 8 ADOPT (SOLD) :iconbluffkerfuffle:BluffKerfuffle 24 46
Fighting through Nightmares
My heart is always beating
Constantly repeating
Every single fleeting
dream I saw.
And now the nightmares hurt me more.
Every mother,
every child,
every brother,
all defiled.
But again
I'm just reviled.
My pain will save you yours
So in this hurt I'll smile.
Just let me take this on.
Let me right the wrong.
Let me sing this song,
before my only dream is gone.
:iconbluffkerfuffle:BluffKerfuffle 9 3
Attempting digital realism :iconbluffkerfuffle:BluffKerfuffle 23 25
Again and again
my whole life depends
on 1 2 and 3,
but 2 and 3 left
so now it's just me.
With 2 and 3 gone
and everything wrong,
I'll write this rhyme
so I can stay strong
one word at a time.
With only 1 left
I have to be deft,
with my heart torn asunder
I'm sentenced to death,
for living in wonder.
But now 1 is weak
and the future is bleak,
next there is none.
We're all out of time,
It's all been undone.
None is so lonely,
please help me.
I'm sorry, I'll be fine
:iconbluffkerfuffle:BluffKerfuffle 8 0


Born from a dream,
in a land of undead.
As strange as it seems,
it's as my dream said.

I'll learn to hold dear
this lingering flame.
And with every shed tear,
the flames rise again.

My heart is made of ash,
an ember in my soul..
This heat spreads like a rash,
until I become whole.

This world is turning dark
after eras come and gone.
Our hope lies in the spark
of the chosen ashen one.
Ashen One
This is a poem inspired by Dark Souls 3, the game which I bought the dlc's for and am now playing xD 
Are there any characters you guys want me to draw? :3
I've always kinda wanted to share my many story ideas with you guys and girls, but I'm very lazy xD But now I'm less lazy than usual, so here's some of my story ideas :3 (Not all of them because I'm keeping some of them to myself Cx)

1st one
So, the entire world is divided into classes, like a hierarchy of some sort. But the deciding factor of someone's class is their eye color. The story is about two characters. One is a girl born from the king and the queen, both of which have rare purple eyes, but unfortunately she was born premature and never developed eyes. To keep their daughter they lied and said her eyes were so beautiful that gazing into them would leave anyone blind. Her eyes were always covered to be sure nobody found out. The other character is a born from two poor parents with common brown eyes. He too suffers a premature birth that leaves him without eyes, and his parents cover his eyes so that he wouldn't get taken away. They needed an excuse for his eyes to be covered, so they told everyone that nobody needed to see his eyes. Jump forward to his early school years, and he gets picked on. One day a bully pulls his blindfold off to find that he has no eyes, and he's taken to be executed. The girl's mother tells the girl about it, and she begs for them to stop the execution because she's never known anyone like her. The boy is saved and he meets the girl, and things go on from there. The title could be something along the lines of "blind love" maybe? xD

2nd one
The next one is about a family of master sword wielders, who pass down a legendary sword that is said to have been forged at the beginning of time. The sword is called bloodmourn. The family strongly believed in male dominance in the household, because it is said that only a man can wield it. The family also believe that one mother shall only ever give birth to one child, in order to maintain balance in the world. Every child born was a boy for hundreds of years, but one day it was a girl. The family didn't know what to do, and feared it would be the end of their family legacy. She was born and raised as a son, but one day they all mysteriously died apart from the girl (who's 10 when this happens). Then she found bloodmourn, along with a note that explained why her family was killed. It read "bloodmourn must drink fresh blood to live, in the same way you must spill fresh blood lest you suffer the same fate as your family. However, your family did not die to bloodmourn. Follow your heart, and it will guide you to vengeance". She then took bloodmorne and sought revenge on her family's killers.

3rd one
This one's gonna be kinda brief compared to the others. Japan is ahead of the rest of the world in technology, and they create a software thing called V.I.U (Virtual.Intelligence.Unit). It's almost like an AI, but it doesn't actually have emotion. It just responds as if it does, and it's used in almost everything in japan. The story revolves around it's military use, and japan also has high tech battle suits (it's basically a mecha anime at this point). But one girl in the military has a V.I.U program that somehow manages to become self aware. Since she's lonely, they become best friends and she calls it A.M.I.U (Artificial.Military.Intelligence.Unit)

That's all I can be bothered to type right now xD I hope you guys like it ^w^
Side note: Skulli-exe thought this was a good idea :3 Go look if you enjoy awesomeness Cx


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